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Nearly everyone has something they would change about their smile. At times, cosmetic dental issues can affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence. At Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry, we believe everyone should have a smile they can be proud of. That is why we offer a variety of exceptional cosmetic services. Together, we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

What Can a Smile Makeover Improve?

Here at Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry, our team can adjust and enhance nearly any aspect of your smile. Our team can whiten, straighten, and even improve the shape of your teeth.

Some of the imperfections we can address include:

  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Misaligned or uneven teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Very worn or misshapen teeth
  • Gum recession
  • A gummy smile
  • Teeth which are too long, short, or pointed
  • Teeth with large gaps and spaces

We are committed to being up-to-date on all cosmetic treatments and techniques. To do this, our team is constantly undergoing continuing education to ensure we can provide the best care possible. We have also invested in the highest quality, state-of-the-art dental technology available. At Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry, we never compromise our quality of care. Together, we can fix any blemish and give your smile a beautiful makeover!

What Cosmetic Services Do You Offer?

Our dentists are experts in oral implants and reconstructive dentistry. We specialize in making smiles beautiful! Because of our years of experience, we can provide a long list of cosmetic services.

At Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry, we can customize your smile with:

Is Professional Whitening Worth While?

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are becoming more popular. They often advertise dramatic results at a low price tag. In reality, many of these products under-deliver and over-charge. The reason for this is the compound used in most whitening products. The chemical peroxide is the active ingredient responsible for “bleaching” teeth. Unfortunately, store-bought whitening kits can only include a small, often ineffective amount of peroxide in their products.

At our practice, we use Zoom advanced whitening techniques to brighten teeth by up to eight shades in one visit! With this treatment, we use a peroxide-rich whitening solution and high-powered LED light to brighten teeth. With this technology, we can drastically improve the appearance and color of your smile at a reasonable price.

How Quickly Can You Straighten My Teeth?

Our dentists use Invisalign clear aligners and Six Month Smiles to straighten teeth. Both of these methods are quick, comfortable, and reliable! They slowly adjust the alignment of your teeth over several months, so you can enjoy a straighter smile without the frustration of having to deal with traditional metal braces!

If you would like to learn more about our cosmetic services, please call our office today at 614-885-1215.

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