At Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry, we know how important it is to maintain your natural smile. Whether you have experienced an accidental injury, or are suffering from a dental issue like tooth decay, we will do everything possible to treat and repair your tooth.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have no other option than to remove a tooth entirely. In these cases, we use extractions as a last resort to maintain the health of your surrounding gums and teeth. Often, removing a tooth is the best way to relieve pain and provide treatment.

What are the Reasons for an Extraction?

Although we always try to save damaged teeth, there are times when we must remove a tooth to maintain a patient’s overall oral health. We may need to extract a tooth for a variety of reasons, such as irreparable damage, severe infection, or overcrowding.

When a tooth is very severely damaged, it may be impossible to save. For instance, if a tooth breaks beneath the surface of the gums, there would not be enough structure left above the gum line to place a crown. If ignored, the tooth may irritate and damage the gums. In other instances, if a tooth becomes severely infected or decayed, we may need to remove it before the infection spreads into the gums and surrounding teeth. This may also be the case if a patient is suffering from severe gum disease. If the gums are not strong enough to hold a tooth in place, we may need to remove the tooth to allow the gums to heal.

Overcrowding is another problem that may lead to extraction. Too many teeth, or poorly positioned teeth, may cause this issue. Over time, overcrowding may lead to tooth loss or problems eating. In these cases, removing a few “problem” teeth may be the healthiest solution.

Do You Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Yes! Here at Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry, our team is trained and equipped to remove wisdom teeth. We recommend removing wisdom teeth just before they are fully developed. This procedure is most effective when a young adult is between the ages of 18 and 25. Removing wisdom teeth before they emerge above the gum line will protect other teeth from unnecessary strain and overcrowding. We are also able to conduct other surgical extractions if needed.

Are Extractions Painful?

Before your extraction, Dr. Heller or Dr. DiDonato will inject a local anesthetic into the gums around your tooth. This will numb the area so you will not feel any discomfort. If you are worried about the procedure, or if you experience dental anxiety, we would be happy to offer other sedation options. We have full and partial sedation medications available so you can feel completely relaxed and comfortable during your visit.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, have an overcrowded smile, or have recently suffered from a dental injury, please call our office at 614-885-1215 to learn more about treatment options. We are qualified to conduct both simple and surgical extractions if needed.

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