Laser Therapy

Using a modern method of laser teeth treatment. Dental care, perfect smile

Dental lasers have changed the way standard dental procedures are performed today. They are FDA approved and extremely safe. The laser is a beam of intense light and energy that “cuts” away or vaporizes the tissue it is concentrated on. The laser seals off blood vessels, minimizing the possibility of bleeding gums and eliminating the need for stitches in some cases. The possibility of post-surgery complications, including swelling, infection and pain, are significantly reduced and less post-treatment healing time is required.

Some common types of dental laser therapies include but are not limited to:

  • Uncovering an implant with the laser exposes the implant to make impressions for the crown. This eliminates the need for a traditional incision and sutures.
  • Help for an ailing or failing implant. The laser can treat infection or peri-implantitis around the implant by performing laser sterilization of the space around the implant and placement of an antibiotic.
  • Recontouring of the tissues for esthetics.
  • Periodontal therapy with the laser can reshape the tissues for easier home care to treat gum disease.
  • Dental abscess. Open, drain and relieve the infection.
  • Biopsy tissue to check for oral cancers. Laser therapy can be used to remove small amounts of tissue to check for oral cancer, eliminating the need for invasive surgical procedures.
  • Remove oral lesions, fibromas, mucoceles, cold sores, canker sores to minimize discomfort and duration.
  • Facial esthetics. The laser can stimulate the growth of collagen deep within the dermis, removing wrinkles and creating firmer, healthier and more uplifted skin.

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