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educationOur founder Dr. Alfred Heller established the Midwest Implant Institute in 1980 to train dentists and dental students to perform advanced implant surgeries. His son, Dr. Robert Heller, continues that work today as Director of the Midwest Implant Institute. We offer a variety of implant coursework and live surgical coaching for students and externs of the Institute. If you are a dentist or dental student and want to learn how to conduct implant surgeries and place implant prosthetics from the best in the industry, the Midwest Implant Institute is the place for you!

What is our Lunch & Learn Coaching Program?

Dentists who want to learn more about implant surgery can schedule a dental coaching session with our doctors. We train everyone, from dentists to receptionists, about implant dentistry. This helps us prepare everyone on the team to educate patients about the implant procedure and what is involved.

What Sets us Apart?

Dr. Alfred Heller practiced implant dentistry from 1969 to 2015. In those 46 years as an implant specialist, he placed more than 20,000 dental implants. As President of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Alfred Heller currently tours the United States, teaching and giving lectures on implant surgery. Dr. Robert Heller, continues to teach quality surgical training at the Midwest Implant Institute while also providing specialty care at Oral Implants and Reconstructive Dentistry. With over 25 years of experience in surgically placing and restoring dental implants, he has published multiple articles on the subject and presents lectures on a national scale.

Our Mission

Dr. Alfred Heller founded the Midwest Implant Institute to be the best implant dentistry teaching institute and to share Jesus Christ with attendees. Since its establishment, we have continued to provide top-quality training and service to our students. We believe in the importance of honesty, availability, and incredible surgical instruction.

What Educational Sessions are Offered?

Case Review with Dr. Robert Heller, DDS

Implant Dentistry, like any specialized area of dentistry, carries with it the inevitability of complex questions and answers. Meet with Dr. Rob on a private phone call or zoom call to discuss everything including pre-operative evaluation of compromised bone, the treatment of simple to complex cases, and the handling of post-operative successful implants.

Dr. Robert Heller is a graduate of The Ohio State University School of Dentistry (1988). He completed his prosthodontics residency at The Medical College of Virginia (1990) and completed his hospital-based implant residency/graduate training at Loma Linden University, CA in 1997. His professional societies include the American Dental Association, Ohio Dental Association, Columbus Dental Society, American College of Prosthodontists, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and Fellow of the International College of Dentists. Dr. Heller currently serves as Co-Director of the Midwest Implant Institute (MII).

Schedule a case review with Dr. Heller by clicking here.

Feed Your Mind with Stephanie Dawson, RDH, MS

Lunch on us! Invite Stephanie during your lunch hour to conduct either an in-office program or virtual webinar to provide dental implant education for your business staff, office staff, dental assistants, and more.

Stephanie Dawson, RDH, MS, has been a hygienist within Oral Implants and Reconstructive Dentistry, a fast-paced prosthodontic/implant practice, for 16 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene with a specialization in Expanded Functions and a Master’s degree in Allied Medicine Health Education from The Ohio State University. She holds certification to administer local anesthetic.

Schedule a Feed Your Mind session with Stephanie Dawson by clicking here.

Let’s Chat with Sammie Heller

Are you interested in details about our Hands-On Live surgery training at the Midwest Implant Institute? Or behind the scenes questions related a dental practice as it pertains to business? Are you an MII Sponsor?

Samantha is here to help create systems and a culture to improve practice efficiency and profitability. Through discussion you can work together to:

  • Better understand budgets, salaries and expenses.
  • Supervise dental support staff.
  • Advise patients on insurance and treatment plans.
  • Assist patients with billing.
  • The Complete Surgical Externship Program.
  • MII Sponsorship Opportunities.

Schedule a session with Sammie Heller by clicking here.

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