What is the Midwest Implant Institute?

Helping Dentists Serve Patients Better

The doctors at Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry (OIRD) not only deliver the highest level of implant and surgical expertise for their patients, but through the Midwest Implant Institute our team helps dentists throughout the U.S. grow their skills to better serve patients.

The Premier Implant Institute in the U.S.

Did you know the doctors at OIRD lead and teach at the premier implant training center in the United States? The Midwest Implant Institute (MII) provides a distinct educational opportunity for doctors and staff with a true “hands-on” clinical and surgical experience. For over 40 years, it has proven to raise the level of implant expertise for countless doctors throughout the United States. MII training is in high demand, helping Dental Schools develop their dental implant programs and teaching thousands of doctors to become dental implant surgeons.

Hands-on Surgery with One-on-One Mentorship

MII provides an all-inclusive educational environment that puts doctors-in-training at the center of planning and execution. It’s a unique approach that allows doctors-in-training to perform the surgery with over-the-shoulder mentorship, direction, and expert guidance. 

Integrated Learning Experience

The entire learning experience is facilitated by a rigorous curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, and exceptional instruction from the OIRD team and MMI faculty, with an emphasis on dental implants, prosthetics, bone grafting, surgical complications, and business development. From doctors to assistants and front office, the Midwest Implant Institute offers exemplary courses for entire dental teams to incorporate implantology into their already established general practice.

“the implant gurus!”

Such a fantastic group of teachers who are so passionate for what they do! I love that they share their experiences in order to help you become successful and provide the best care for your patients, The 303 course was well organized and had everything I needed to help me feel comfortable incorporating new techniques in my practice. They truly are the implant gurus! Highly recommend!

Dr. Eva Lau

Full Menu of Training Options

MII offers a full menu of hands-on, implant-specific training options for doctors to choose from including the highlighted programs below.

All-inclusive Live Surgery Course

As MII’s flagship course, the All-Inclusive Surgery Course covers the foundations of successful dental implant treatment through lectures and hands-on workshops, culminating with placing an implant on a live patient under MII mentor supervision.

Surgical Externship

With mentored diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution, the surgical externship offers doctors the flexibility to complete the 60-70 hours of implant-specific continuing education on their own schedule. It’s an externship designed to fit the doctor’s practice, allowing them to go at their own pace in their own practice while receiving one-on-one mentorship.


Known as the “Elite Implant Surgeons,” doctors who achieve Fellowship status with MII are the best of the best. Their skillset and expertise is demonstrated by their master and ability to perform more rigorous surgeries and treat more difficult cases.

Real World Expertise

As patients at OIRD will attest, the MII faculty are not just instructors but surgical experts who transform smiles for their own patients every week. Its real-world expertise gained in the sometimes complex arena of implant surgery. With decades of experience, they’ve seen it all and solved it all. It’s why doctors flock to MII to train and patients from all over the country flood the schedules at OIRD. Driven by a desire to ensure patients and doctors get the best possible results, MII continues to be a leading center for advancements in implant dentistry, always pushing for more innovative and transformative implant solutions. 

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