Sterilization Protocol

Our Sterilization Protocol ProcessAmid this global pandemic, we at Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry are going above and beyond to ensure we can provide quality dental care in a safe environment. We are committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our patients and team healthy. From regular office disinfection to the use of P.P.E. (personal protective equipment) to stringent equipment sanitation, we are doing everything we can to follow all governmental guidelines and sterilization recommendations.

What Are You Doing to Keep Patients Safe?

Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry has always been a leader in sterilization and sanitation. From the beginning, maintaining a clean office environment has always been one of our top priorities. Now that COVID-19 has become an international health concern, we are stepping up our sterilization practices to ensure our office is as safe as possible.

To keep our team and our patients safe, we regularly disinfect all surfaces in our office. This includes countertops, chairs, tables, and all other surfaces where bacteria and viruses may be found. We clean before and after each patient to eliminate harmful substances. We always use government-approved chemical cleaners to ensure everything is sterile between patients.

Our dentists and team thoroughly clean their hands with disinfectant hand soap throughout the day. To further reduce the risk of contamination, our team wears P.P.E. equipment such as gloves, face masks, and face shields. Personal protective equipment is also available for patients to wear to and from their rooms.

Do You Use Disposable Materials?

At Oral Implants & Reconstructive Dentistry, we use disposable materials whenever possible. These materials include objects such as dental floss, gloves, masks, gauze, napkins, etc. As the healthcare environment changes, we are looking into new alternatives to some traditional reusable equipment.

By using disposable items, we can reduce our patients’ risk of cross-contamination. We have carefully trained our team to properly store, handle, and dispose of these items after use.

How Do You Sterilize Reusable Equipment?

Although we take advantage of disposable materials as often as we can, some equipment can not be thrown away after use. For these objects, we have to take extra steps to ensure they are properly cleaned and sterilized between uses.

To sanitize reusable equipment, we use a combination of heat and chemicals. After use, we will thoroughly sanitize each item before storing them. Once they are ready to be used, we will remove the items from their packaging and sterilize them again with a government-approved autoclave. This machine will use a combination of heat and pressure to kill any contaminates. You can rest assured that every surface in our office has been properly sterilized before your visit.

If you would like to learn more about our sterilization policies, please call our office today at 614-885-1215.

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