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Dental Implant Cost in Lewis Center & Columbus, OH

Because dental implants rarely need to be replaced, they can vastly improve your life and save money in the long run. Dr. Rob Heller accepts Delta Dental Insurance and offers other financing options to help keep the cost of dental implants in Lewis Center, OH affordable. Because the tooth implant cost depends on a variety of factors, it is necessary to have a consultation to estimate the cost in your individual case. 

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We know this can sometimes be an overwhelming experience so let our highly trained staff assist you.  Our staff knows all of the ins-and-outs of your insurance and financing options to get you in the most affordable situation for your dental implants!  It is simple, call us today and let us help!

Factors That Affect Cost:

  • How Many Teeth Are Involved
  • If There Is Bone Loss
  • What Type of Procedure You're Having
  • If There is a Sinus Lift Required
  • If There is Periodontal Disease Present
  • If You Need Extractions
  • If You Are Edentulous

Dental Implant Cost Isn't Just Measured Upfront.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry states: "The emphasis here is the credentialing. Any dentist can offer implants, but a creditialed implant dentist has verified experience to find the best approach for you, which minimizes your cost both up front and long term as the implant lasts and lasts."

Determining Tooth Implant Cost

The following is a list of factors that can affect tooth implant cost:

How many teeth are being replaced and what type of implant product is being used?
If more than one tooth is being replaced, this can affect the cost. Patients who are missing a large number of teeth may be a good candidate for implant supported dentures.
Are other procedures necessary prior to implantation?
If the bone has deteriorated too much, a bone graft will be needed prior to implantation. Sometimes a sinus lift is also required prior to your dental implant surgery. These procedures can increase the cost of your implants. Patients with significant bone loss may be candidates for All-on-4™ dental implants which are able to utilize the areas where the bone is strongest.
Is your mouth otherwise healthy?
Dental implants are most successful when placed into healthy mouths. If gum disease is present, treatment for this condition may be necessary before dental implants can be placed.
How long have teeth been missing?
Particularly because of the complications that can ensue due to the bone deterioration which occurs naturally when teeth become missing, patients who delay replacing their missing teeth with implants may be increasing their tooth implant cost.

Why Should I Replace A Missing Tooth?

  • When a tooth falls out, the surrounding bone will atrophy.
  • Remaining teeth are then supported by a weakened jaw.
  • The remaining teeth then must do extra work and may shift.
  • The remaining teeth may then be lost.
  • Bridges and partials can increase your risk for tooth loss.

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